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AW-1000 Digital Drum Scale


50" long x 20" wide x 1.75" high scale base
1,000 lb capacity by 0.5 lb sensitivity
Heavy duty construction
Digital weight indicator with 7 ft cable
Factory Pre-Calibrated
No sales tax outside Florida
Computer / Printer output standard
Free computer interface software upon request
One year complete warranty


   T-500E         T501-SS        T501-SSB      T900-SS

  Metal & Plastic        Stainless Steel       Stainless Steel         Stainless Steel

       120 VAC                120 VAC           D size batteries      with 0-9 keypad

                                                               & 120 VAC                120 VAC

Each weight indicator has the following front panel keys: lb/kg, TARE, ZERO, PRINT, NET/GROSS.  The T900-SS also has 0-9.  

Dimensions Capacity with TI-500E

T501-SS AC power

T501-SSB battery T900-SS
50" long x 20" wide 1,000 lb x 0.5 lb $895 $995 $1,050 $1,075


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