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Setra HI & SI Toploading Balance

HI & SI Topload Balance

Award winning variable capacitance sensing technology. Large bright LED display. Rapid update rate for filling. Bidirectional RS232. Rugged die cast aluminum housing. Chemically resistant keypad. Stainless steel weighing pan. Standard RS232 interface.

HI series has keys for CAL, MODE, PRINT, UNITS, TARE/POWER, %. Units are grams, ounces, carats, %, g per second, user defined unit. Fast or slow update rate. Print will transmit data instantaneously, continuously or at selected intervals.

SI has keys for MODE, TARE/POWER. Dual range balances display the finest resolution whenever the balance is tared, regardless of how much weight is zeroed out. 120VAC adapter, 11"L x 7"W x 3"H.

Part number Capacity Pan Price
HI410S* 410 x 0.001g 4.75" dia 895.00
HI4100S 4,100 x 0.01g 6.25" dia 795.00
SI200S* 200 x 0.001g 4.75" dia 795.00
SI410D* 100 x 0.001g /410 x 0.01g 4.75" dia 795.00
SI410S* 410 x 0.001g 4.75" dia 795.00
SI2000S 2,000 x 0.01g 6.25" dia 695.00
SI4100D 1,000 x 0.01g /4,100 x 0.1g 6.25" dia 695.00
SI4100S 4,100 x 0.1g 6.25" dia 695.00
* Cylindrical draftshield included
Printer, Dymo labelwriter (need connector) 623.00
Connector RJ45-DB25 for Dymo printer 27.00
Draftshield, 3way glass door for 4.75" dia pan 118.00
Dustcover 7.00
Security lock kit 25.00
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