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Ultra Low Pro small weigh pad
20,000 lb per pad / 40,000lb per axle (less than 3/4" high)

(Dimensions above are in millimeters)

20,000 lb per pad
50 lb. up to 5000 lb.
100 lb. from 5001 - 20000 lb.
Graduation value 20 lb. (standard), other resolutions possible
Overall dimensions See sketch
Active weighing surface 14.1" width x 11.3" length (in traffic direction)
Weight 20 lb.
Overload limit
25,000 lb per pad
Temperature range -20C to 60C
Ground requirement Concrete or asphalt surface preferred

Model AX-5 weight indicator in portable case
shown with optional built-in printer

All the scale pads connect to one display.  Displays in Lbs & Kgs, RS232 printer/computer output
Internal rechargeable battery (10 hour continuous use battery life, 8 hour recharge).
In WHEEL WEIGHING mode with the total function it is possible to print/display:
The weight of the single platforms, sum of any of their combinations, total weight of all the platforms
The number of weighments performed, the accumulated weight and the sum of the subtotals carried out.
Prints the center of gravity coordinates.

Prices include AX-5 weight indicator




Ultra Low pro small-40K
(Set of 2 scales with display)

40,000 lb x 20 lb increments
(2) 20,000 lb capacity scales

One axle at a time


Ultra Low pro small-80K
(Set of 4 scales with display)

80,000 lb x 20 lb increments
(4) 20,000 lb capacity scales
Two axles at a time





External roll tape printer



Built-in roll tape printer with
time & date


Ability to view individual wheel weights one at a time & the total

For example: 
Wheel 1, Wheel 2, Wheel 3, 
Wheel 4 or Axle 1, Axle 2 & Total


Close up of AX-5 digital display


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